Gantry Cranes

Design, manufacturing and gantry crane repair

Our grand capacity gantry cranes are particularly used to lift heavy cargo into the weathering in arrangements that allow its translation to considerable distances, like ports or courtyards. As no goods are required to be safeguarded, they can be handled with one vessel.

It is a special kind of crane that lifts the cargo through a hoist (single or double girder) installed over a beam. It is rigidly sustained by two or more legs, which can scroll over flat rails at the floor level.

We assemble and provide:

  • Hanging switches to operate and control engines with one or two speeds and an emergency stop button for more security during operation time.
  • Reversible initiators and soft starting and stopping systems to protect bearings and wheels.
  • Complete control panel assembly and supply for the equipment´s updating, conducting isolated bars and festoon type cable, among others.
  • Wireless remote controls for cranes, variable speed inverters and 4-speed set up initiators.

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