Special Oilfield Services

Professional Diving Services / SERVICES

We work according to your project´s specifications and following your particular norms and also the Mexican Official Diving Norm 014 (NOM-014-STPS 2000), which makes reference of abnormal environmental, safeness and hygiene working conditions. We also take on consideration the ADCI norms, which is an international association with high-level diving statutes.

Our Services:

I. Gas and Oil Industry

  • Platform jacket's installation.
  • Clamp inspections.
  • Underwater outage of clamps and obstructions.
  • Blind flange installation and dropout plug extraction.
  • Expansion curve´s guidance.
  • Ascending pipeline guidance.
  • Spool and reel installation and connection.
  • Underwater regular pipeline and expansion curve connection.
  • Dredge installation.

These are just some examples of the several offshore services that we offer.

II.- Construction and Dams

  • Dredge and plugging.
  • Underwater structure tracking
  • Epoxide emplacement
  • Cementation

These lists exemplify our commitment for our clients specific projects and the job requirements.

Diving services at construction sites, dock maintenance and inspection, anode installation at bridges, photograph and video.

III.- Non-Destructing Test Inspections. (NDI)

Discontinuity inspections, environmental corrosion and deterioration evaluations, tension testing and leaking detection. Early failure detection at material deterioration avoids high costs in accidents.

  • Ultrasound
  • Magnetic particles
  • Penetrating liquids

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